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At Charming Bingo we pride ourselves on offering the juiciest jackpot bingo games throughout the whole day, with games to suit all tastes, budgets and moods. We have a wide variety of games on offer in a number of great bingo rooms, with 75 ball games, 90 ball games and pattern bingo to indulge in. It won’t take you long to find something delicious to play here.

From free games to bargain penny bingo tickets, you’ll find that there’s always something to whet your appetite here, all at a purse friendly ticket price. There are also a number of different prizes to play for, so whether you’re just looking to get your bingo fix and play for a small amount of cash every 5 minutes or so, or want to hold out for the big jackpot games which occur once a week, there’s something to suit your playing style.

Most of our regular daily games have jackpots based on how many people are playing, and how many tickets they have each purchased. However we also hold guaranteed games every day where there’s a set jackpot amount up for grabs regardless of how many people play along, so whether you like the thrill of not knowing how much you could win until the game begins, or would rather know what’s at stake, we’ve got all bases covered!

If you’re a bingo newbie, not to worry, everyone is welcome here and we’ll show you the ropes at Charming Bingo. Read on to discover more about the different types of bingo we offer and how to play each game. You’ll be reeling in the cash before you know it!


90 Ball Bingo



90 ball bingo is the most common type of bingo game, and the traditional way to play in the UK. In this type of game, each bingo ticket is made up of a 3 by 9 square grid. Not every square is filled with numbers – instead 15 numbers between 1 and 90 are dotted across the 3 rows of the card. The aim of the game, like all bingo, is to daub off numbers as they are called in order to win a prize.
In 90 ball bingo, there are 3 main prizes up for grabs – one for covering 1 line on your card, one for covering 2 lines on the card and one for achieving a Full House, by covering every number on the card. Prizes awarded usually increase in value, offering a lower amount for a 1 line win, with the biggest prize on offer going to the full house winner. In the event that there is more than 1 winner of each prize, the cash amount will normally be split equally amongst players unless otherwise stated.


75 Ball Bingo



This type of bingo originated in the USA but since the revolution of online bingo, this has now become one of the most common ways to play. 75 ball bingo differs from 90 ball bingo in a number of ways, although the main goal is still to match your numbers to win a prize. In the 75 ball game, cards are presented with numbers between 1 and 75 in a 5 by 5 grid. Each square is filled with a number, with the exception of the middle square which is a free space – giving you a starter to help you win.
Rather than offer a number of prizes, there is usually only one jackpot on offer in 75 ball bingo, which is normally won by a single player, but can be won by multiple players. In these types of bingo games, players are usually required to achieve a coverall, by covering every number on their card in order to win. However some games may also require you to complete a specific pattern in order to win.


Pattern Bingo



Pattern bingo is a form of 75 ball bingo, touched on above. In this instance, the gameplay is exactly the same as a regular 75 ball game, though instead of having to cover the whole card, players only need to daub off numbers in a certain pattern. These patterns are usually horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, though often 4 corners will also be a pattern you can bingo on. On special occasions, patterns may change, such as a tree pattern at Christmas.


Other ways to win at Charming Bingo



Sometimes, selected bingo games will offer extra prizes in addition to the usual coverall or 3 jackpot prizes. These are usually awarded to 1 to go (1TG) or 2 to go (2TG) players. These players are those who are either waiting on 1 number or 2 numbers to bingo. It may be that only a 1TG prize is offered in games though having both 1TG and 2TG prizes are equally as common. As it’s more likely that more than one player will be waiting on 1 or 2 numbers to bingo, you’ll often find that the prizes on offer are quite sizable but are split between all players. For example a 1TG prize may be £50 but you might have to share it with 10 other people, as opposed to just 1 or 2 people claiming the full house prize.


Charming Rooms



We have a number of bingo rooms with loads of great fun on offer. Check below to see what rooms are open and when – find your new favourite game by scanning our bingo schedule!

Room Name Game Type Opening Hours

Card Price

Lucky Stars
90 ball

from 1p to £1

Glitz n Glam
90 ball
7pm to midnight 2p
Cash Splash
90 ball
1pm to midnight 10p
Free Bingo
90 ball
9am to 1pm


Golden Balls
75 ball
1pm to midnight

from 1p to £1

Magic Money
75 ball
7pm to midnight




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